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"AddTo" Plugin for SharePoint and MS Outlook

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The Syntapa “AddTo” plugin is an easily deployable and configurable solution for any organization using Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft SharePoint versions 2007 or 2010. Originally developed as part of the Syntapa IMS and Unified Office™ solutions to meet specific industry and client requirements, we have isolated this solution into a repeatable component that can be easily deployed within an internal, or externally hosted environment.

Add To EmailThe use of email has quickly outpaced any other form of communications within today’s business environment. Day to day communications taking place between your staff and others both internally and externally (clients, partners, suppliers, etc.) is taking place and a typical organization has no easy way to capture, store, and ultimately leverage this information. According to industry statistics the average worker writes 49,000 words or more in emails each and every year! This is the equivalent of a novel that each of your employees have written each year and most likely this valuable business information is locked up within your users Outlook and/or on their hard drive. The Syntapa “AddTo” solution solves this issue by providing your users the ability to quickly and easily profile an email and save it to your SharePoint environment. Once in SharePoint 2007 or 2010, you gain the ability to have this valuable business information easily searched and accessed by other users which in turn increases collaboration, increases productivity, and ensures that your valuable business intelligence is not lost or forgotten.

ItemexistsAddToThe “AddTo” plugin consists of two components. A server component that configured based upon your individual MS Exchange and SharePoint implementation. The second component is a small program that is deployed to users either via individual download or even through one of your regular policy updates. Once installed, users will have the ability to profile emails, MS Office files, and even MS Outlook Calendar items to the specific sites and libraries within your own SharePoint environment. Key information regarding the email, calendar item, or office document is set up to be pre-populated to save users time, and other important information that you want to capture in order to profile the items (doc types, project, client details, etc.) can be easily configured within the solution. The Syntapa “AddTo” plugin also provides duplication checking to eliminate your SharePoint becoming clogged with duplicate information, and also allows user to decide if they wish to save the email, attachments, or even both.

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