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Syntapa has a number of cloud based solutions to help you reduce your IT costs, increase your scalability, and to allow your users the ability to access information anytime from anywhere

Cloud computing is not new. Organizations of all sizes have been using applications and storing data within the cloud for many years. However, there was always the challenge of balancing the use of these systems with the need to do many of the other daily business activities locally on your own network and on your own system. Although these cloud offerings had a great deal to offer, the net result was often data being spread further amongst many different disparate systems.

iStock_000020265568MediumWith the introduction of productivity tools like MS Office 365, MS Lync for communications, MS SharePoint Online for collaboration, Windows Intune to manage your IT investments, MS Exchange Online for email, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to effectively manage client data, the opportunity to truly manage and operate a services business within a cloud environment now exists.

The following are just some of the key benefits of running your business within a cloud environment:

  • Lower IT costs – The biggest advantage of cloud computing is the reduction and often elimination of the investments required for stand-alone software or servers. Smaller services based companies can quickly save the overhead costs of IT operations including data storage, software updates, and hardware management just to name a few. Now anyone can use the services of cloud computing at affordable per user monthly rates.
  • Speed and scalability – With cloud computing, your users do not need to install the hardware or software for a new application; you can easily scale up or down the solutions that you and your team need. As a services business, you know the challenges associated with expansion and contraction of resources based upon client engagements. With cloud solutions you can easily and quickly ramp up or scale back operations to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Use Any Device – Cloud solutions can be used and accessed from any device such as computers, mobile phones, or via the web. No longer do you or your employees have to worry about using specific devices in order to operate properly within your environment.
  • Access to capabilities and date anytime, from anywhere – It does not matter if your company is geographically dispersed or if everyone is located in one area. It does not matter if you have an office location or if you team members work from home. With a cloud solution it allows you and your team to have access to all of the tools and data that they need to do their job anytime, from anywhere. For a services based company, this can easily become a competitive advantage.

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