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Information Management System (IMS)

The Syntapa IMS is a portal solution designed to provide users with a single point of access to all of their business resources, processes, client information, and to act as an enterprise wide information management system. IMS was originally developed to meet real client needs with the following primary goals in mind
  • A scalable and easily deployable (within days...not weeks or months) solution that provides rapid business and end-user value
  • Provide the ability to manage client and project information/data anytime, from anywhere
  • To improve user productivity by utilizing familiar applications and reducing the number of applications they need to access
  • Provide quick access to common locations and resources
  • Consolidate and structure company information including documents, e-mails, tasks, events, and projects into one central repository
  • Link all company information to relevant line-of-business entities
  • Facilitate the process of searching and easily locating all key organization specific information
  • Provide users with alerts, notifications, and roll-up of time-sensitive information
  • Provide capabilities for company-specific customization such as views, work-flows, and reports
  • Provide all of the above in an affordable solution optimized for service based organizations

Syntapa’s IMS portal solution is built upon the Microsoft SharePoint framework and provides users with content that is relevant to them, including recent documents, tasks, events, links to common locations, as well as business data and/or information that is exists outside of IMS. Syntapa has developed several scalable features, web parts, web services, and application pages to enhance the functionality of both SharePoint along with other industry leading Microsoft productivity tools (Office, Outlook, etc.). Although on the surface our solutions maintain the look and feel of the Microsoft solutions that users are used to, our components have brought everything together into a truly unified information management system.

Some of the features of the Syntapa IMS solution include:

Our IMS solution offers a central portal screen which is the first thing that users see when they log in to their systems. Although this high level capability is easily available within SharePoint, and the look and feel is what users are used to seeing from Microsoft, our solution brings it all together to give each user access to the key tools and information that they need throughout their day including:

  • Various team and project sites based upon their role. Access is determined using your own Active Directory rules and policies
  • Company Announcements
  • Tasks (Pulled from MS Outlook)
  • Central and team/project specific calendars with overlays from the users own Outlook calendar
  • One-click single sign-on access to any key business applications
  • Roll up of the users recent documents including those under version control
  • …and much more

The IMS solution has been set up to increase collaboration among teams, and to improve user productivity by providing easy access to only the information and tools that they need…when they need them!

The Syntapa IMS solution not only enables, but encourages collaboration on content, projects, and ideas. We have fully leveraged various technologies in order to create a central location where users can meet, work, and exchange information. IMS users can collaborate with internal and external contacts with the following capabilities:

  • Organization wide announcements right on the central portal home screen. No need for company-wide emails to ensure announcements are seen by the full team.
  • Integration with Microsoft Lync which provides Instant Messaging, Activity Feeds, Screen Sharing, Video Conferencing and even VOIP capabilities. From anywhere within IMS or any of the Microsoft applications users can quickly see others availability and easily connect with them.
  • Team specific or open forums and work-spaces
  • Easily configurable document/content work-flows, collaboration capabilities, and version controls
  • Integration with existing CRM systems (Unified Office)
  • Sharing and assigning of tasks, meetings, etc.
  • Configurable system alerts and notifications
  • …and much more

One of the biggest challenges that service based organizations face is trying to track and manage documents and content from emails, various network drives, and on individual user computers. The impact of this is that there is inconsistent content being used both internally and externally, minimal work-flow capabilities, little or no auditing capabilities, and increased time required to respond to client requests. The Syntapa IMS solution solves these issues and increases your ability to easily manage your content, and your client interactions. The following are some of the capabilities that are offered within the IMS solution:

Add To Email

  • An automatic and user friendly pop-up screen that allows users to easily and quickly profile emails, documents, and other information to the appropriate client and/or project.
  • Pull down lists to reduce the need for users to manually input information.
  • Integration with MS Outlook so that users can send document as e-mail attachment directly from IMS, and incoming documents from emails added to the central content repository.
  • Automatic assignment of a unique ID to all documents entered by users into the IMS system.
  • A standard templates document library where templates can be created, organized and assigned to other document libraries (Template Manager). When a document library has a template assigned to it, the template will appear as an option from the “New” drop-down menu within the users MS Office applications.
  • Enterprise search functionality. Users can quickly search and filter any content within the IMS system, network/archive locations, and even the web.
  • Easily configurable document/content work-flows, permissions, and version history information.
  • Archiving features to easily move content back and forth from secondary storage repositories.

summary screenAs a service based business…imagine being able to see every single communication, document, event and task that has taken place with a particular client or project? This is exactly what the IMS Summary capability offers! Most organizations would agree that having the ability to service their clients quickly and efficiently by having quick access to all of their client data, historical information, communications, and project information is a competitive advantage. The Syntapa IMS system enables you to have that leg up over your competition by enabling you from one screen to easily access and manage:

  • All client contact details (CRM/Unified Office Integration).
  • All historical client and internal communications with a particular client/project including quick access to project details, documents, emails, notes, etc.
  • Full version history of all information including email threads, documents (agreements, proposals, presentation files, spreadsheets, etc.).
  • Open, in progress, and completed tasks from all members of your team.
  • Full view into key client or project events (upcoming meetings, past meetings, etc.)

Along with full summary and search capabilities, your team also has the ability to track version histories, manage work-flows, and quickly open and edit materials within their existing Microsoft Office applications.

One of the main advantages that Syntapa offers with its IMS solution is the full integrations with the various industry standard Microsoft solutions. Not only does this enable you to get the most from your current technology investments, it drastically reduces user training requirements and the time to value from our IMS solution. Core functionality of the IMS Foundation solution includes integrations with Microsoft Office, Outlook, Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics, InfoPath, and ActiveSync just to name a few.

Syntapa’s IMS solution provides a client add-on which improves integration with your users desktop and Microsoft Office applications:

  • Integrations that allow users to email links to information within IMS. This reduces…and often eliminates many different versions of the same document being sent and worked on by different users.
  • This add-on allows documents from local or network folders to be quickly added and profiled to the appropriate client/project library.
  • Through Microsoft Outlook integrations, user e-mail items and/or their attachments can be quickly added and profiled to your the appropriate library.
  • IMS will also synchronize relevant tasks and calendar items with Outlook’s default task and calendar folders. It is important to note that Syntapa has developed its own synchronization framework for this process in order to be able to have items from SharePoint additionally synchronize with a user’s mobile device through Microsoft’s ActiveSync.
  • The IMS client add-in enhances functionality within Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. One of the key features is the ability to quickly publish and profile a document to a library within IMS as a PDF or XPS document.

Not only have we leveraged the MS SharePoint technology as the foundation for the IMS system, we also utilize the various infrastructure technologies from Microsoft including its virtualization and Threat Management Gateway during typical IMS deployments.

In today’s fast paced world, mobile devices are often the first things that we pick up in the morning, and often one of the last things that we see before turning in for the night. With the increasing number of client projects and requests coming from all parts of the world, it is vital for users to be able to access and manage client and business data from their mobile devices anytime from anywhere.

The Syntapa IMS solution enables synchronization of tasks, calendar items, and client information using technologies such as ActiveSync. As a web based portal solution, IMS enables users to gain full access to key client and business information from anywhere using the web, their mobile devices and tablet computers.

The Syntapa IMS solution is made up of several of our repeatable and rapidly deployable feature components that we have developed to solve real client business requirements. Based upon your specific requirements, we also offer a number of these feature components as stand-alone solutions. In co-operation with our team of skilled resources, a deployment of an IMS solution can be done within a matter of days, or can be implemented iteratively to meet your specific business needs.

Our Unified Office™ solution takes the IMS solution to a whole new level with integrations with your specific line of business applications, custom built applications and data sources.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our IMS solution, any of our rapidly deployable feature components, or if you would like to discuss your specific information management requirements.

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