Beyond our technology solutions, and our team of professionals it is the services that we offer which truly separates Syntapa from any others within the industry. We have focused on creating a balance within our services offerings to include both technical as well as business consulting and implementation services.

Assessments: Since each one of our clients have their own personality, and unique requirements, we do not subscribe to the one size fits all type of approach with our engagements or solutions. Assessments allow us to truly understand both the technical and business requirement before we will begin to prescribe a particular solution. Our assessments consist of us providing an independent third-party review of your key people, processes, and tools. Upon completion of our assessment, we will provide you with a professional report with our observations including specific business and technical recommendations, specific timelines, and an actionable solution plan.

Technology Planning and Implementation: Our team of certified technical resources have a great deal of experience understanding real business requirements and translating them into repeatable and scalable technical solutions. We have a great deal of experience in the implementation of various client/server technologies including productivity tools, infrastructure components, virtualization technologies, network and hardware configurations. As many of our own solutions are built upon Microsoft SharePoint, .NET, and other Microsoft technologies, we truly are the best resource to assist you to get the most from these technologies.

Business Consulting Services: Since the focus of our company is to help our clients to gain a competitive advantage through innovative unification of technology with their business processes, it only makes sense for us to be able to offer business as well as technical services. We have a number of services to assist you to identify, acquire, manage, and retain clients. We offer services including business process engineering, sales, strategic account management, and client retention services just to name a few.

Technology Support Services: We offer a number of support services to ensure that our clients continue to get the most from their investments. Between our technology partners and certified technical resources, we can offer a number of support options to meet each of our clients’ individual needs and budget.

Training: One of the biggest benefits of our solutions is the reduced user training requirements as a result of the integrations of technologies that users are already using including Microsoft Office, Outlook, Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics, InfoPath, and ActiveSync just to name a few. However, we do still offer various types of training in order to assist our clients and their users to get the most from their technology systems and to reduce the time to value from your investments.

Have questions?

Please contact us if you have any questions about any of the services that we offer or to discuss your specific technology or business requirements.