Syntapa eIS

Syntapa eIS

For membership based organizations, unions, and regulatory bodies, the Syntapa eIS solution provides comprehensive functionality to meet all of your organization’s collection, analysis, process, and reporting requirements

Syntapa’s eIS solution is an award winning Association Management Software Suite that provides a 360° view of the client and management capabilities for complex relationships, distributed individuals, workflows and related case files. Our eIS solution was launched in 1997 in direct response to client needs within the regulatory body, professional associations, government agencies, trade unions/associations, insurance, legal and other service industries.

For regulators, unions, and associations with complex regulations, member management, and billing requirements, the Syntapa eIS solution provides comprehensive functionality to meet all of your organization’s collection, analysis, process, and reporting requirements. Built using component based architecture best practices on the proven Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio .NET foundation means that it has sufficient flexibility to meet very complex, often changing requirements without software modifications.

This off-the-shelf packaged solution provides the following capabilities:

  • Support and seamless ability to work within either English or French languages
  • Strong time and cost management tools allowing you to know all of the effort and costs associated with any case or program being delivered.  These tools together with the eIS’s ability to bill for membership, licenses, and services ensure that your organization will collect the revenues necessary for financial viability.
  • Very targeted client/community engagement tools, such as e-mail communication and survey modules, which provide you with the capability of effective and timely interaction with a diverse set of constituents.
  • Secure, flexible, and efficient data/information capture ensuring that you have all of the information necessary to meet your mandates, and to effectively manage your members and constituents.
  • Integrations with Microsoft Sharepoint and Infopath to enable access and management of information including the ability for your team to work collaboratively, to relate documents to case files, constituents and specific subject matters. eIS provides your field teams the ability to work in a disconnected, forms based environment for activities like audits and compliance reviews.
  • The ability to easily define complex procedures and regulations, responsibilities and authorities.  This allows consistent, timely and predictable addressing of issues and opportunities. All areas of the solution include accurate audit and accountability trails.
  • The capability to interface with and complement the power of existing tools, such as MS Office, and Outlook. This means significantly reduced retraining costs and the ability to maximize the value from your existing IT and productivity investments.
  • E-Commerce capabilities including secure on-line payment, event/registrant management, member self-service, and case management capabilities.
  • Seamless integration with MS GreatPlains and other accounting packages to eliminate the need for duplication of efforts and to provide sound financial reporting.

The Syntapa eIS solution is tried, proven, and our customers have used its concepts and functionality for more than a decade. We continue to modify and extend eIS to embrace new and more effective technologies so that our client’s risks and costs are minimized by utilizing relevant state-of-the-art business management solutions.

In order to meet our client’s specific requirements, we have built a number of “Lego Block” features, which can be easily configured to meet your organization’s  individual needs:


Our team of business analysts have extensive experience in solving business issues, and working with regulated organizations, unions and associations.  We provide a turn-key solution by installing/configuring the eIS solution, training your staff, converting your data, and providing ongoing technical and end-user support.  Syntapa also provides periodic system reviews, ongoing support and regular updates so that you do not need to hire additional IT resources and changing requirements continue to be met.

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