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Template Manager Add EditedThe Syntapa Template Manager is an easily deployable and configurable solution for any organization using Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Originally developed as part of the Syntapa IMS and Unified Office™ solutions to meet specific industry and client requirements, we have isolated this solution into a repeatable component that can be easily deployed within an internal, hosted, or cloud environment.

Although template management may not be important to all organizations, this solution is an ideal fit for any organizations that are concerned about maintaining a consistent branding and corporate image while managing many different types of internal and external communications documents, reports, spreadsheets, etc. Any organization that has to meet regulatory, compliance, or audit requirements within their business will fully appreciate the value that this solution provides beyond traditional internally shared folder systems. No longer are there multiple versions of the same templates scattered across multiple drives, servers, and individual computers throughout the organization.

Template Manager New EditThe Syntapa Template Manager is a solution that can be easily deployed into an existing SharePoint 2010 environments, and there is a very short time to value with this solution. Once implemented any type of template file (.dotx, .dot, .xlt, .potx, etc.) can be easily added and assigned to specific or multiple libraries for quick user access. From the library where the user is working, they simply need to choose New Document, and the template will be listed and be available to be opened within the appropriate MS Office application.

Do you want to try out this solution to see for yourself the value that it can provide to your organization? Feel free to download our FREE version of this SharePoint plug-in. The FREE version of this plug-in is limited to management of  Microsoft Word documents only, however we are providing you unlimited usage of this solution completely FREE of charge. An upgrade to be able to manage other template types is available. Please contact us if you would like more information on the full version of the Template Manager.

Please provide some information about yourself to receive the completely FREE version of our Template Manager SharePoint plugin. Upon clicking the submit button you will be immediately be directed to download the .zip folder which includes everything you need to begin using the FREE version of this plugin. Once downloaded, please read the README file for additional information on how to install and begin using this solution...

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