Syntapa Unified Office

Syntapa Unified Office™

Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint Syntapa can unify and integrate all of your current business applications, data, and communications environments into one unified environment

Service based organizations of all sizes, have made significant investment into their IT systems. These systems have been put in place to try and more effectively manage their people, processes, tools, and information…which are the core foundations to any service based organization. For years we have been promised fully integrated technology and communications solutions that will increase productivity, reduce operational costs, and provide a competitive advantage by giving employees and users access to the tools that they need to do their jobs anytime from anywhere. Unfortunately, most have turned out to be false promises

  • FALSE PROMISE OF THE PAST: Office and E-Mail applications were to be fully integrated. Although we have come a long way…gaps still exist! Many of these applications may work together, however very few are truly integrated.
  • FALSE PROMISE OF THE PAST: With the introduction of accounting applications, we were supposed to have solutions that fully integrate with our office applications, etc.
  • FALSE PROMISE OF THE PAST: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems were supposed to give us a competitive advantage by allowing customer-facing teams to have all client data in one place that can be accessed anytime from anywhere. What we have ended up with are systems that simply manage contacts. Much of the vital client information that a company needs does not even make it into the disparate CRM systems due to the lack of true integrations with every day tools like Microsoft Office.
  • FALSE PROMISE OF THE PAST: Many of us have either lived through or heard of someone that has lived through an ERP, MRP, or HRM systems implementation. It is often a very long and painful exercise that most often results in employees and their clients having to adapt their own processes in order to work within the constraints of these massive enterprise applications.
  • FALSE PROMISE OF THE PAST: With the advancement and increasing popularity of custom LOB (Line of Business) applications and also mobile devices, the dream of having a fully integrated technology and communications environment seems to be continually slipping through the fingers of many organizations.

Until Now…!

The Syntapa Unified Office™ is a component-based framework that leverages Microsoft SharePoint to unify and integrate current business applications, data, and communications environments with other industry standard technologies from Microsoft, and others.  The Unified Office allows organizations to manage every single aspect of day-to-day business anytime, from anywhere, and on any device through one role-based portal screen; we have delivered on what others have promised!

The Syntapa Unified Office helps provide:UnifiedOffice

  • More Opportunities – The Syntapa Unified Office creates more opportunities by enabling your organization to identify, and react to your client requests and interactions. Through a single web-based window, employees can see the entire client interaction: project information, history, tasks, dates, documents, emails and voice messages all consolidate into one view.  This comprehensive view results in better-informed decision-making, better, faster service, more opportunities, and increased client satisfaction.
  • Increased Efficiency – Document/records management and document search and retrieval is one of the biggest issues many organizations face.  Do you know how much productivity is lost when employees have to switch from one application to another in order to get their jobs done? How efficient is your team when every user stores their documents, calendars, and tasks in disparate locations – with nothing fully shared across the organization? The answer can be staggering. After only 4 months, one of our current Unified Office clients recognized a daily employee time savings of 30 minutes per person per day. What would this type of savings mean to your bottom line?
  • Increased returns from your current IT investments – Many organizations prefer to fully realize their investment. But with multiple purchases, based on “good advice”, organizations continue to patchwork systems together in hopes that they will consolidate into something more efficient.  More often than not, a patchwork is simply that – patches.  The Syntapa Unified Office is flexible enough to manage new, existing, and custom built systems IT investments.
  • Scalability –  Our Unified Office is built upon the Microsoft SharePoint platform along with other industry recognized technologies. Our development philosophy has always been to build solutions that enable our clients, and do not paint them into a corner with proprietary technologies, etc. We have invested significant time, effort, and resources to build our solutions into “Lego Block” components that allow you to scale and build out based upon your individual business requirements.

The foundation for the Unified Office is our own IMS (Information Management System). The difference between the two solutions is that the Unified Office includes more capabilities and integrations with your existing line of business, custom built applications, and data sources. Our Unified Office solution is truly that…a fully unified business information and communications management solution.

The Unified Office is made up of several of our repeatable and rapidly deployable feature components that we have developed to solve real client business requirements. We also offer a number of these feature components as stand-alone solutions. In co-operation with our team of skilled resources, deployment of a full Unified Office or any of our repeatable feature components can be implemented iteratively to meet your specific business needs.

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